What is Rejüv?

Rejüv is an all natural gel that helps alleviate swelling and soreness in muscles due to overexertion. We are able to achieve this through using a combination of minerals and botanicals. In using this combination we were able to create a odorless, colorless, and sensation free gel.

Who is Rejüv?

Rejüv was created by a former collegiate athlete and his wife who is a nurse. Both had different backgrounds and reasons in seeing the need for Rejüv. Joey as an athlete personally experienced the aches and pains after long practices and intense football games. The gels and lotions used to relieve the aches and pains had the components of being sticky, heating and cooling sensations, and a strong odor. Some of the athletic trainers even had to use gloves to apply these products to avoid the burning sensation they would feel on their hands. Katherine as a nurse took care of many patients that complained of using creams or gels that have a strong odor or sensation due to having sensitivity to smells or sensitive skin. Based on both of their experiences it was apparent there needed to be a natural way to alleviate soreness and swelling, thus Rejüv was born.