What's in Your Bottle?

Rejuv is an unique product that harnesses the anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties of minerals and botanicals in a deep penetrating formula that when combined with our epsom salts profile creates a product with the ability to quickly and effectively reduce pain and swelling without carriers or chemicals. With no active ingredient Rejuv goes on gently with no heating, cooling or tingling. This gentle application ensures Rejuv ability to be used under socks, wraps or clothes without burning or blistering. Rejuv is also odorless and colorless so there is no clean up. It goes on non-greasy and dries clear ensuring there is no mess like traditional poultices or liniments.






Proprietary Trace Mineral Blend*

Proprietary Botanical Blend*

*Our Proprietary blends is comprised of over 170 different minerals, each of which contain natural anti-inflammatory & pain relief properties.