ReJuv 16oz Gel
  • Won't stain your clothes

  • Sensation free. Perfect for sensitive skin

  • Long lasting formula

  • Natural Botanicals & Minerals

APPLICATION:Massage ReJüv GEL three to four times daily or as needed.● Reduces aches and swelling in joints and muscles● Great for arthritis● Great for backaches● Contains no NSAIDs


ReJüv Gel

Designed with Yoü in mind, ReJüv utilizes natural, locally sourced minerals and botanicals to help prevent and alleviate swelling and soreness without harsh carriers or chemicals.ReJüv GEL:

●Won’t stain your clothing

● Odorless – no liniment smell (no smell at all)

●Colorless – won't stain you or your clothes


●No tingle

ReJüv helps keep yoü at your best: from the highest levels of training and competition to the daily workouts unique to grandparenting